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Loreal Professional Hair Color
Reasons to change your hair color can vary, but most people either choose to color their hair because of the sudden appearance of gray strands or for morefashionable reasons to alter their appearance by lightening, brightening or intensifying the color of their normal tresses.
Deciding on exactly which color to choose can be a little more challenging. How long that color lasts can make a difference in which one will work best for your hair. With that in mind, here are the different types of hair color to make that decision a little bit easier:


Permanent hair color is most appropriate for hair that is 50% gray or for those people that want a complete change in shade. Permanent color darkens or lightens the hair providing the most color coverage by changing the hair’s natural pigmentation and locking in the new color so it cannot be washed out. Because permanent colors contain ammonia or peroxide, they are often damaging to hair. Additionally, they must be maintained frequently to keep roots colored and to resist fading or losing shine.


Semi permanent colors for hair partially penetrate hair strands so that the color adheres to hair without causing damage. Because it doesn’t use ammonia, this type of color cannot lighten hair and washes out over time usually within six to eight weeks. Results with semi-permanent hair coloring can vary depending on the amount of gray hairs needing coverage, and typically they tint the hair more than actually coloring it. It works especially well for those who might not be ready to commit to permanent color changes, have only a few grays or with over processed hair.

Demi Permanent

The demi permanent process uses an alkaline formula to color the hair rather than being ammonia based like permanent colors. While it is less damaging than permanent dye, it does wash out over time but not as quickly as semi-permanent coloring. In addition, it covers gray hair much better than its semi-permanent counterpart and adds shine.

High Lift Colors

The high lift coloring process works better on hair that has never been colored before. It removes the natural color pigment of hair strands and deposits dye to attain the desired hair color. The high lift tinting helps achieve a light blonde color on hair without the need for damaging bleach. Often high light color is used in conjunction with permanent hair colors to help balance out the effects of peroxide on the hair.

Temporary Hair Color

Temporary colors provide safe coloring by coating hair strands without penetrating the cuticle. Primarily useful for special occasions or costume party effects, temporary color can be washed out easily with shampoo.
Whatever type of color you choose, L’Oreal has a product to meet your needs. Always have a professional hair color expert work with your hair (there’s nothing worse than buying color out of a box and creating an orange coppery effect or damaging your hair beyond repair). Phoebe Therese Salon is the first and only 5 star L’Oreal Hair Color Salon in Denver CO. Call for a complimentary consultation with Phoebe 303-757-7940