What is a female toy?

What is a female toy?

Using sex toys increase day by day. Not only by women, men too. Sex toys are especially available for women, are known as female toys. Toys for women will give them a better pleasure in regular female masturbation and enhance the regular sexual life. There are so many types of female toys are available in sex toy world. The female toy gives stimulation, teasing, etc. Using female sex toys not only good for your physical health, in improving blood circulation and muscles strength. But it leaves a position impact on emotional wellbeing, it enhances the user confidence, make them feel active and confident in the sex. Proper use of female toys leads to proper sex. Female Toys include massagers, vibrators, dildos and many BDSM Toys. These all type of female sex toys categories include various other sub-categories like vibrators has rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, clitoris vibrators, etc. BDSM toys include clit and nipple speciality, female chastity devices, Etc. These all are used in solo play or foreplay with a partner. By using one of them, a female can reach to orgasm and better sex. Sex Toys is so good for you, you should invest your time to get more pleasurable time. Couples all that want is better sex in bed, use female sex toys make female feel good.

What kind of things are there?

What kind of things are there?

Female sex toys give highly erotic moment, sexual excitement, and a ton of fun in the women. There is various type of female toys available, that deliver your sexuality thrilling. There is list of some basic sex toys. It exists to obtain orgasm in masturbation for various women. Toys such as vibrators are also very effective for male mastrubation.


Female Massager is a basic toy that is used for years. It helps to arouse the sensation in nerve ends and also helpful in relieving the pain or stress. The most famous female massager is Magic Wand Massager. The massager is only for external stimulation, avoid to use penetration. It may hurtful.


Female Vibrator is a toy that generates various vibration level. Vibration can be an increase or decrease according to body need. Women prefer to use vibration in masturbation to active the G-Spot and lead to G-Spot orgasm.


Female Dildos sex toys are most similar to penis structure. It gives real penis feel during masturbation. Dildos can be used available in any material, like rubber, silicon, metal and glass.

Anal Sex toys

Female Anal sex toys are thinner as compare to dildos, vibrators and massagers. As we know anal sex is unnatural sex, so use a lot of lubricant in anal play is essential.


The lubricant is used to reduce the friction in the sexual act, in sex or masturbation. The lubricant is compatible with every above type of sex toys. A lubricant can be water-based, silicon-based and oil based lubes. But remember to avoid to use silicone lubricant with Silicon sex toys.

What kind of toys are popular in India?

What kind of toys are popular in India?

All type of sex toys is used in the Indian market. But here we discuss most and highly used sex toys. Women can use them for solo pleasure or in foreplay with partners.

Bullet Vibrators

These female vibrators are highly used because of its size. It is portable because it is small in size and exactly similar to bullet shape. Women can carry these vibrators even in a pocket in travelling. It gives you enough vibration that stimulates the vagina and clit. Some women use bullet vibrator in remote panties.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators always most preferable sex toys by women. rabbit vibrator has additional ears are attached to the main shaft. Its shaft is used to penetrate the vagina and additional ears stimulate the clitoris externally. It stimulates the both parts at once that why it is popular.

Magic Wand Massager

This is highly selling massager in the world. Magic wand vibrators are used to relieve the pain and stress as well to stimulate the erogenous zones externally. It is not suitable for penetration. Magic Wand has a broadhead that gives vibration when plugging in. Women can use this before sexual act to activate the nerve ends.

Benefits of using female toys

Benefits of using female toys

Female sex toys became incredibly popular in every corner of the world. According to some national U.S. survey, 52.5 % of women and 44.8 % of men used vibrators in a sexual act. Many of them use sex toys by themselves or with their partner. Female sex toys not only enhance the physical health but emotional too. By proper use of female sex toys, women feel emotion confidence and esteem and as result confident in a sexual act. Women can experience or practice with the female sex toys. Not only female sex toys give vibration and stimulation on a body part, it enhances the sensation and blood circulation in the body part. That way female feels arousal. Female sex toys give you better health to enhance the blood circulation. Women can feel relive in tired and stress with the suitable type of female sex toys. Using sex toys can relieve a headache and pain in general. Most important benefit is Using sex toys is safer than actual sex, because there is no headache of unwanted pregnancy and STD's (Sexually transmitted disease). But make sure do not share your sex toy with other.